• Will you respond to my Emails?:

Since the website has gone live, we have received a number of messages both here and on Facebook, some encouraging, some strange and others asking specific questions, although we initially tried to reply to them all, it quickly became clear that there simply isn’t enough time in the day. Where we can reply we do, if not you can always check in this FAQ section and see if your questions are addressed there at all. Regular questions are addressed here.

  • Can you add me on Facebook?

Whereas I do have a personal FB account, that really is more for me to stay in touch with family and friends and FaceBook does limit the amount of people you can have before your personal page is considered a “business” or ” celebrity page” so I try to keep the numbers there down. My Lee Binks Fitness facebook page is open to anyone who would like to follow me or keep track of what’s going on 🙂

  • I sent you a message but you never replied!?!?!:

This is something that does occasionally happen, a lot of messages come in and sometimes we don’t see them all but but the odds are that if we didn’t reply to your messages it was for one of 3 reasons:

1. Your message simply said: Hi, Hiiiiiiiiiiii, Hey!!!!!!! Or something to that effect, messages that don’t have any actual content will sadly be ignored. 🙁

2. Your message was rude, vulgar, disrespectful or simply unpleasant. Nobody likes a nasty person, so that automatically sends it to the delete and block pile. This also applies to come ons or messages of a sexual nature, the page isn’t a dating profile. Sorry.

3. Your message opens asking a question which is explicitly and fastidiously covered in the page. ie: What category do you compete in? Where are you from? How old are you? What is your name? (it actually happens) etc… All of this information is in the about section of both the Facebook page and website.


  • Can You Train Me?:

I am not a certified personal trainer as of yet and so I would not feel comfortable training others until I know for a fact that I am able to do so correctly and safely, I am currently studying my personal trainers degree with TriFocus Fitness Academy and am hoping to complete my studies and receive my certification later on in the year.


  • What’s your Diet/Can you give me a meal plan?:

I get asked this a lot, I’m not a nutritionist and I really don’t have a special diet or a meal plan, I eat healthy and clean, I love fruit, I stay away from junk foods or take out except on very rare occasions. When I’m prepping for a comp and trying to build muscle, I might eat more carbs and meat, or cut the carbs down toward contest time depending on how I’m looking and feeling, Peoples body’s are different and we all react to different foods. Lots of things that other people swear by don’t work for me and I’m sure the same is true of other people. There are a number of good on-line coaches who can give tailored meal plans, it might be best to check those out.


Who taught you Calisthenics?: 

We are self taught, I think that’s the nice thing about calisthenics, almost anyone can pick it up. The Internet is a great place to look for inspiration, my boyfriend and I will see someone doing something and think; “It would be so cool to do that” So we would begin trying it out.


  • Girls with muscles are gross why do you do it?:


  • Why are you bald?:

Because I don’t have hair.


  • You’re really small!:

Yes, but that’s not a question.




  • What Division do you compete in?:

Over the course of the last 2 years I have been moved up divisions a total of 4 times, I started out in toned bikini but was told soon after that I was too defined for that division, this led to me being pushed up to Performance, athletic, Body Fitness and now possibly Physique. I would like to see myself in Figure which is the international Body Fitness equivalent.


  • What’s your Favourite muscle group to Train?:

My favourite muscle group is probably my shoulders and legs, but when I’m doing Cali, I tend to mix in a whole lot of everything.


  • What is your Least favourite muscle group to train?:

I’m not a huge fan of doing biceps, I don’t know why but it’s really not a muscle group I usually enjoy..


  • What’s your Max leg press?:

As of 06/08/2015 my Max weight is 320kgs on the incline leg press machine. I’m working hard to increase that.


  • What’s your Max Full squat?: 

As today which is the 17th of June 2016 my max full squat is 105 Kgs.


  • What is your least favourite part of your body?:

I’m not really sure that anyone should have a least favourite part (Even though we all do) as all parts are works in progress but I’m definitely working on my Bum as I’ve always been pretty flat there. It’s been a big challenge to force it to grow! Lately I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my back and shoulders too as I feel that I can afford to put on a little size there too.


  • When is your next competition?:

I am entering the Muscle Mulish this weekend 18/06/2016 which is an IFBB show, I am hoping to see once and for all if i can do body fitness or if i need to focus on a new lineup..


  • When is your next Posing workshop?:

The posing workshops are arranged according to the dates of upcoming comps and according to demand so we have to wait and see how it all plays out. Ideally we want to keep the groups around ten people so that everyone can get some personal attention but I have been doing one on one sessions with people which I will continue to do throughout the year. 🙂


  •  What Gym do you train  at?:

Generally I train at home in our little Dragons’ Lair; when I need more specialised equipment or have the time I love to go to Just Physical Gym in Northriding, They have absolutely everything and it’s never too crowded. They even have a Calisthenics area outside with bars and ropes.


  • How do I get sponsored?:

Keep trying, it can take a long time to get sponsors and some people get discouraged, but it’s not just about having a sponsor, it’s about having the right sponsor, it’s not quantity but quality that matters. We have turned down sponsorships because we didn’t feel that the company was necessarily the right fit for us. At the moment I am sponsored by companies who share my vision for growth as well as my desire to give something back, everyone I am representing currently are passionate companies with amazing teams and drive. There’s no quick and easy formula for getting sponsorship but if you work hard and keep to high standards, the right one will come along. My current sponsors are really wonderful,  we have a good relationship with them, they are always willing to help us push the boundaries and that is what a good sponsor should do in our opinion.


  • What supplements do you take?:

USN all the way! Excellent products and top quality. What supplements I take depends on what my goal is and may change month to month but it’s hard to go wrong with a good whey protein. Keep in mind that supplements are not a replacement for  good, healthy diet.


  • Can I request a video or tutorial to be made?:

Whereas we have received requests for videos, we try to pace ourselves in terms of what we releases simply due to time and resource constraints. Requests for videos can be sent through and will always be considered but we may not be able to release all the requests we get.


  • How long do you spend in the gym?:

Much to my man-slaves Chagrin I spend between 2 and 3 hours a day in the gym, I usually do an hour in the morning and then another in the evening, but I tend to get into my zone and lose track of the time which often adds up to the additional 30 minutes in each session, should probably work on that…

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