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So some epic stuff happened over the past few days, one of which was the culmination of a few months of work and chatting. In decemeber of last year we were approached by Alec from Cactic Fitness, which is a manufacturing company for a new kind of fitness system.


They’ve basically created the first fully adaptable resistance training system which doesn’t need to use weights or cables, the entire thing can be used with resistance bands of varying intensities to deliver pretty much every kind of exercise one can think of. Cactic were interested in sponsoring us one of their unit and Lee becoming a brand ambassador for their company.


Seeing as she trains predominantly at home and does a lot of resistance and bodyweight training already it seemed like a prefect match. Life was pretty hectic for both Cactic and us and trying to get a time and date arranged was tricky, but we finally got it right.

The newly installed unit whom we have dubbed Cassanova is now our latest proud addition to the Dragons’ Lair and is already seeing some hard us. Were pretty excited about Lee being a part of such a revolutionary new brand and we see big things ahead in their relationship.



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